Since 2012 Targo helps entrepreneurs, start-ups and early-stage technology companies achieve their business goals. Our experience in a variety of industries and fields enables our customers to make the right decisions and promote the most important processes for their start-up. We work with clients with a vision & desire to enter the market and take a dominant position.

Our Approach

We support and challenge our clients at the same time

In each work process, we cooperate with the client in order to achieve optimal results. We act as partners and treat every start-up as if it’s ours.

We take a bespoke approach to each client and project

We begin by asking the right questions, and then offer solutions that best suit our client’s needs. The needs of our clients vary according to the stage of their venture and the field of operation.

First of all is to see the benefit of the start-up

We look at a start-up not only from the perspective of the entrepreneur, but also  the investor. We strive to present the entrepreneur with a complete and objective picture.

Our Team

Anton Rubinshtein MBA
Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Superfood: a SaaS solution for grocery buying. Mr. Rubinshtein has eight years of experience accompanying technological startups from various fields.

For me success is when I have a vision, goals, and implementation plan.“

Oded Nachum BA
Senior Associate

Since 2005, Mr. Nachum has held various economic and financial positions in one of the largest companies in the industry, including an international consulting firm.

For me, this success is to connect entrepreneurs and investors together in a partnership that brings added value to each of them.“

Mark Strobinsky BA
Partner and senior consultant

Founder of MG, marketing and sales management company. Mr. Strobinsky brings with him experience working with senior officials in leading companies in the economy and specializes in conducting negotiations & frontal sales

For me, success is the continuous realization of my life’s vision.“

Eran Eyal LLB
Projects Manager

Entrepreneur with five years of experience, managing two startups in the field of consumer products.

For me, success is to provide significant information & insights to the client and enable them to make the right decisions.“

Daniel Shevach BA

Mr. Shevach has over 6 years of experience in various sectors; from financial markets to consulting firms such as: Deloitte, Abengoa and JGP hedge fund.

For me, Success is a process of hard work and self-discovery. At the professional level, realizing the customer’s vision is the ultimate success. ״

Maya Schneider BA

Ms. Schneider specializes in market research and writing business plans. Ms. Schneider has 4 years of experience in the field, and assists entrepreneurs in planning their start-up businesses.

I believe that success is what makes a person happy. For me success is not only a final outcome for me and the client; but the way we get there.“


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