Slide 1

Logo + Slogan

Slide 2 – Problem

This slide is the preview to your product which explains, practically, how the world is run today without your product and why this is a problem. For example, in a world before Get Taxi, people who wanted a taxi had to call to taxi stations and wait for a taxi that passes nearby. From the drivers’ point of view, it was difficult to find clients which led to ineffective utilization of their taxi.

The best way to emphasize the problem is with statistics and numbers, e.g. “it takes X minutes to find a taxi”. This is one of the most important slides for two reasons:

  1. First impression – if the slide will be boring, the investor would assume the rest will be the same
  2. This is the basis for your product. Without a good story, the investor won’t understand the true need

Slide 3 – Solution

This is where you present your product in your investor’s presentation, explain how it works, what it does and any other information that is important to mention. If you have a video, show it here.

In the Get Taxi example, a simple flow chart would best explain how it works: 1. Type destination; 2. Taxies in close proximity receive the call and can choose to accept it; 3. Within minutes, the taxi pick up the user and a transaction has been made.

Slide 4 – Advantages

We know how the app works but that doesn’t answer the question “what’s its added value”. Here you should describe what’s the advantages to the user that is using your app.

Focus only on the important values. You don’t want to write down dozens of advantages but rather focus on the important ones.

Slide 5 – Competitive Edge

Show why you’re better than your competitors. There’s always competition and the investor need to know why the user will choose you over others.

Slide 6 – Market and business model

This is the place to describe the market size and how you’re going to make money. If we’re talking about the Israeli market, then the Taxi market size is valued at NISXXX and is growing at a YY% every year. There are XX active taxies and so on.

In apps, it is not always clear how to make money but it’s important to show that there is some sort of cash generating model so the company won’t be dependent on external cash.

Slide 7 – The Business Opportunity

This slide should answer the question “why should I invest in this venture?”. A few examples for possible answers:

  1. We’re the first in the market
  2. High profit margins
  3. We have a proof of concept (POC)
  4. Intellectual property

Slide 8 – Team

You should put here all the relevant information of all the team members and what makes them special in regard to the area of activity of the startup.

Slide 9 – The Investment

How much money you need, what milestones will be achieved using this money and what’s the timeline?

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