Business Mentoring

Our business mentors are professional, caring and experienced; they will assist your business to achieve its goals. Running a business is a demanding process, not leaving much time to think or plan. Even successful entrepreneurs do not always feel in control. In Targo we have the ability to "take a step back" and see the big picture beyond the ongoing operations. A consultant or a team of consultants (depending on the size of the business), will learn the business in terms of its internal processes and business environment and will formulate a feasible work plan to achieve the goals set by the owner and the consulting team. Targo's staff will assist you in implementing the program, utilizing a variety of tools and services.


Business Mentoring Process

    •  Preliminary assessment meeting for the examination of the business needs and adaption of the appropriate advisory team.


    •  Collecting business and accounting data. Preliminary analysis of the collected data and determination of realistically achievable goals.


    •  In-depth analysis of the business and formulation of a detailed work plan. The work plan is a tactical level plan, which should create value in the short term (up to a year).


    •  Implementation of the work plan by Targo's team.


    •  Ongoing monitoring and feedback of the actions taken. Testing the efficiency of the actions taken.


In order for the business mentoring process to be as successful as possible, it is important that the customer is willing to make changes in his or her business and accept most of the consultant recommendations. We treat each client's business as if were our own and this is reflected in our ongoing involvement.

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