Investor's Presentation

Coming up with an unusual idea or designing a good product is important, but knowing how to present them to investors is even more significant. The investor's decision of whether to invest in a startup depends a lot on how the business aspect of the venture is presented. It is important to understand that a good business presentation, which is based on a professional business plan, can differentiate your startup from others that are in the same race for the investor's funds.

There are two ways to build a presentation: independently or using a professional. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Targo believes in a collaborative process, in which we combine the entrepreneur's knowledge with our experience in order to create an optimal business presentation that will assist you to raise the required funds. For investors who do not know you yet, the presentation is the first impression they get of your startup – so it is very important to get it right.

Informative Business Presentation

Informative business presentation is a designed summary of the business plan. In many cases, the investor wishes to receive the presentation after reviewing the One-Pager or after a meeting. This is not a presentation to present with neither it is a full business plan. Informative presentation hardly contains teasers that appear in the Pitch Deck, but rather it has all the important information of the business plan: Problem, Solution, Target Market, Go-To-Market, Business Model and Budget.

Pitch Deck

The Pitch Deck includes minimal text and is accompanied by an oral presentation that delivers the story that we wish to tell the investor. There are many articles and books about how to build the best Pitch Deck as there are many notions on how it should be structured. Some investors state that the Team slide should be first while others claim it should be at the end. Some say you should include slides about the problem you address while others say there is no such thing, only opportunities. We build Pitch Deck presentations based on one rule – convincing the investor that there is a huge business opportunity.

Prezi Presentation

Prezi is a Flash-based presentation system that helps creating dynamic presentations where you can zoom in and out over a large area, create a story using photos and videos and do other things that otherwise would require a talented Flash programmer and a considerable investment of time and money. Prezi presentations have both advantages and disadvantages. They are more dynamic and appealing, but can also cause the investor to focus more on the effects rather on the content itself.

Which slides are important for the investor?

Which part attracts the most attention? From which topic can we expect to raise the most questions from the audience? The chart below illustrates the average time investors devote to each of the topics:

important sliders

* Even though the "Financials" slide attracts the most attention, only 57% of the successful presentations include it. This is because many seed stage companies cannot yet present financial results. Most presentations of pre-seed, seed and even round A ventures do not include meaningful financial statements.

An example for a successful business presentation

successful business presentation

A seed-stage startup should include all 10 slides. The Team slide should of course appear on every presentation by default. As mentioned, the financials slide is more important for companies in a more advanced funding stage.