Targo Consulting has been operating since 2010 as a boutique consulting company focusing on business and financial consultation, strategic planning and acquiring funding for startups in Israel. Throughout the years we have constructed hundreds of business plans for startups and helped entrepreneurs navigate their venture to the right direction. Our vast experience allows us to provide our clients practical consultation. Our approach is to put the venture before everything and to present true image of its potential, even if it's not always positive. We support our clients while challenging their assumptions throughout the entire work process. We work as if we were full partners and treat the business as ours. Our culture and unique approach generates great results for our clients and are personalized for each individual situation.

עודד נחום

Oded Nahom BA

Director of finance

Oded is an experienced economist and business analyst. Oded obtained his B.A. in Business Administration, with specialization in finance and information systems from the College of Management where he graduated cum laude in 2005. After finishing his degree, Oded held several business related positions at some of the major international consulting firms. In addition to his responsibilities at Targo, Oded serves as real estate broker to the affluent class and is an expert in negotiations on sensitive issues that require the utmost discretion. Oded brings to Targo his vast network of relationships with local and international wealth owners, thus contributing and assisting entrepreneurs in locating the optimal investor.
How do you define success?
”For me, success is when a match between an investor and an entrepreneur results into a productive and mutually beneficial relationship"

אנטון רובינשטיין

Anton Rubinstein MBA


Anton Rubinstein holds a BA in Economics from Ben Gurion University and an MBA in Business Administration from Bar-Ilan University. Previously, he served as a senior economist in MATI and has held several senior positions in finance and management at large business enterprises. Anton has 7 years of experience in business accompaniment for technology, finance and Internet ventures.

How do you define success?
"Success for me is when I have a goal that I want to achieve and through milestones and an implementation plan I succeed in achieving it."

Daniel Shevach B.A

Daniel Shevach B.A

Business analyst

Daniel has a degree in economics from the IBMEC Business School and post-grad in lecturing from Fatech. Daniel has over 6 years of working experience in different segments, from financial markets to consulting companies such as DeloitteAbengoa and JGPhedgefund.  Daniel has experience in entrepreneurship, business development, fundraising and business plan writing.

How do you define success?
”Success for me is the process of hard working and self-discovery, planning ahead and envisioning one's dreams and goals being realized ."

מרק סטרובינסקי

Mark Strovinsky BA

Director and Senior Consultant

Mark has a degree in industrial management from Ariel University and serves as the CEO of MG Marketing and Management Inc. (parent company of TARGO). Mark has experience working with senior officials of leading companies such as YES, Bezeq, Neviot, Netvision etc. Mark serves as a director and consultant at TARGO and specializes in building and managing sales plans, negotiating, and making frontal sales in various extents. Mark advises entities in several industries in sales and negotiation.

How do you define success?
"For me, success is the ongoing realization of the vision of my life."
מיה שניידר

Mia Schneider BA

Business Consultant

Mia has a BA in Economics and Management from Tel Aviv University. Mia specializes in business and financial consulting, business accompaniment for new businesses, business development and writing business plans. Mia has four years of experience in the field. Mia has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their business ideas and take their first steps in a competitive market.

How do you define success?
"I believe that success is something that makes a person happy. For me success is expressed not only in final result for the client, but also in the way."



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