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We work with promising start-up companies from various industries and stages. We understand that investors and VC’s constantly receive thousands of requests for funding. Therefore, we make sure to present our investors only the projects that match their investment criteria and adequate for investment. We perform market analysis and due diligence at the request of the investors, to enable them to better assess the advisability of the investment opportunity.


An innovative medical device that treats Obstructive Sleep Apnea syndrome OSA

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A social layer on top of ride-sharing platforms that enables users to jointly coordinate travel

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Specializes in providing proprietary solutions to promote fast wound and burn healing

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Making healthcare services in Eastern Europe more efficient through digitalization

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A professional digital platform connecting players & clubs, creating a multi-layered community

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Helps people to instantly change their diet by transforming their online shopping process

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Non-invasive Wireless Ingestible Capsule Systems for the treatment of obesity and overweight

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